A&E Auto Electrical can help you with a variety of car battery issues. 

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a dead car battery. Luckily A&E Auto Electrical can help! 

We are equiped for any sort of battery trouble you may encounter. From a quick jump start, to replacing the entire battery, help is just a phone call away. 

Mobile car battery service

A&E Auto Electrical offers mobile electrical services throughout Auckland. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer a professional and timely battery service or replacement.

Did you know?

On average your car needs a new battery every 3 - 5 years! If you're unsure when you last had a battery check, contact us today to see if it's time for an update.
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Auckland based Car Batteries

Solve Your Troubles by Shopping Our Auckland Based Car Batteries

Don’t settle for dead or dying car batteries; instead, count on A&E Auto Electrical as your source for new Auckland based car batteries. With a broad selection of automotive battery models, not to mention a full suite of services. Let us take care of your battery service and replacement, auto electrical services, and diagnostics and breakdown assistance. We are here to make your life easier, even when car battery problems put a roadblock in your path.

Signs You Should Invest in a New Car Battery in Auckland

Usually, if you are due for a trip to A&E Auto Electrical to buy a new car battery in Auckland, you’ll have a few tell-tale signs sending you that message. Here are a few indicators to watch for if you think your existing car battery might be nearing the end of its life:

  • Your engine is slow to start (or doesn’t start at all). If you can’t get your engine to start—or if it is exceedingly sluggish to start, especially on cold mornings—your battery is the likely culprit. While there are other issues with your car that could be leading to problems starting the engine—the starter itself could be wearing out. However, the battery tends to be the most common culprit.
  • You are experiencing a variety of electrical problems with your car. One of the reasons it is important to get us out to your vehicle in West Auckland for a diagnostic test is that a power problem can cause a rash of different issues with your car. The lights might seem dimmer than usual. The dashboard computer might be more finicky than average. Your radio might even be having issues. Individual electrical faults could cause any of these problems. If they are all occurring together, though, the likeliest cause is a dying car battery.
  • You can see (or smell) irregularities when you open the hood. If your battery has been dying recently, pop the hood to take a look. Does your battery look misshapen, as if it’s swelled and bulged out due to temperature fluctuations? Are the connectors or terminals on the top of the battery looking corroded? Alternatively, when you open the hood, do you smell something akin to rotten eggs? That odour could be due to leaking acid. Any of these issues should kickstart your search for a new car battery in West Auckland.
  • Age is another indicator that you must replace your car battery. Typically, batteries last about five to seven years. If your battery is significantly older than that, there is a good chance it’s nearing the end of its life.
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Why A&E Auto Electrical Is the Most Reputable Auckland based Source for Car Batteries

When you need to buy a car battery in Auckland, you want to make sure you are getting the right product from a reputable seller. Here’s why our team at A&E Auto Electrical is the right one to guide you to your new battery purchase:

  • We will do our due diligence. In some cases, it’s evident that a failing battery is the cause of your car troubles. In other situations, though, there might be multiple possible problems for whatever you are experiencing. We can do a full diagnostic check to determine what fixes you need.


  • We can provide breakdown assistance. There’s no ‘ideal’ time for your car battery to die, but it’s certainly better to have it happen when you are at home, versus when you are out to dinner, running errands or stopping at a petrol station. If you do find yourself stranded somewhere due to a dead battery or some other breakdown, just give us a call.


  • We are experienced. Our owner and operator, Elliot Carleton, has been working in the motor industry for more than 12 years and has a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualification as an auto electrician. When you need battery assistance, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.