We are the Only Auto Electrician in North Shore Auckland You will Need

If you are looking for a reliable auto electrician in North Shore Auckland, look no further. We provide all the services you need to help your vehicle get back on the road no matter what the problem. Consider A&E Auto Electrical and make sure you enjoy peace of mind on the road.

Benefits You Can Expect When Choosing Our Services for Auto Electrical work in North Shore Auckland

We take pride in our ability always to provide our clients with the following benefits when they need our services:

  • Our owner has more than 12 years of motor industry experience. He has spent years studying vehicle electronics and can always provide knowledgeable insight into any problems and the best solutions.

  • We offer an entirely mobile service, which means we can meet you at any location to help fix your vehicle. You get to keep to your tight schedule, and we will fit into any openings you have for us.

  • We can work on any type of vehicle from the average hatchback to SUVs to diesel trucks and even farming vehicles and equipment. Our team offers a one-stop shop for all your auto electronic requirements.

With more than 12 years of industry experience, an entirely mobile service, and the ability to work on a wide range of vehicles, it is easy to see why we have a history of satisfied clients. So, the next time you need help with your vehicle, why not consider us?

South Auckland Mobile Auto Electrical
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Common Signs that Indicate You Should Consider Our Services for Auto Electrical in North Shore Auckland

As part of our constant dedication to help our clients, we put together some information regarding signs that indicate you may need our auto electrical help:

  • A common sign is when your lights seem weaker than usual. A more apparent sign would be if some of your lights simply do not work anymore. Whether these are your front or rear lights, you should perhaps let us investigate.


  • If the stereo in your vehicle no longer works, it is usually a sign of electrical faults. We can provide the necessary repairs so you can once again enjoy your drives with the music you love.


  • One of the more obvious signs comes from your vehicle’s warning system. Most vehicles have a system built in that can detect any electrical problems that require attention. If any of your warning lights related to electrical faults are on, why not give us a call?

What is the Purpose of Our Services for Auto Electrical in North Shore Auckland

Most modern vehicles rely quite heavily on electrical systems, which means as soon as you have problems with these systems, your vehicle becomes harder to handle. While some electrical faults such as a faulty stereo system are not necessarily something that requires immediate attention, other problems such as lights not working are. We can help you investigate and provide advice accordingly.

If you need any help with your vehicle’s electrical systems, we are always ready to help. We have the necessary experience and skillsets to provide thorough investigations and the appropriate repairs.

Call us today and let our professionals assist you.