Vehicles consist of mechanical and electrical parts that work together to ensure its optimal operation. If there are any issues with mechanical components, a car mechanic can diagnose and repair the vehicle. On the electrical front, being a mobile auto electrician in West Auckland we have the knowledge and training to resolve any faults and return your car to peak working condition. A&E Auto Electrical offers a mobile service for your convenience.

Signs you Require a Mobile Auto Electrician in West Auckland

Electrical faults in modern cars are few and far between, but when it does occur, it’s difficult to diagnose. This challenge amplifies the need for a professional to use their equipment to establish the root cause of the problem. Mechanical issues usually manifest themselves in a way that you can physically identify; however, you have to pay careful attention to these signs that indicate something may be wrong with your electrical system.

  • The typical sign that there is a fault with an electrical component is the fact that the car won’t start. It could be due to a faulty battery, alternator or starter. If you turn on the ignition and there are no lights, the battery could be dead. However, if your lights operate, as usual, the alternator is the issue, and if you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, the starter is at the heart of the problem. Whatever the case, you must enlist the assistance of an auto electrician.
  • You should regularly inspect the condition of your battery to avoid a situation where it completely breaks down. Any build-up around the terminal or leakage is a sign that the battery is at the end of its life. 
  • Car owners often forget to investigate the components that rely on electricity to function. Your car’s brake lights, headlights, and radio are indicators that there may be an issue with a fuse or fuse box. Keep in mind that you should never attempt any repairs without the proper training.
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What to Expect from A&E Auto Electrical in West Auckland

Our experience in the industry is invaluable. We’ve conducted electrical repairs on all types of vehicles from little hatchbacks to large diesel trucks and even farming and construction equipment.

  • If your car breaks down as a result of an electrical issue, we are fully mobile to diagnose and repair the fault and get you back on the road.

  • We use our diagnostic tools to detect electrical issues that relate to the check engine warning lights, airbag faults, ABS brake and traction controls, computer problems and fuel injection.

  • Batteries are a critical part of the car but also a common source of problems. We’ll assist you with all types of car battery issues, including jumpstarting or replacing the battery.

About A&E Auto Electrical

We’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have maintained a positive reputation amongst our customers. Our experience, qualifications and a natural eye for detail have made us the preferred auto electrician around West Auckland. 

Contact us to repair any electrical faults in your car.